We Serve!

Hiefer International


We have supporting for many years, our international brothers and sisters through Heifer International. This is group that provides and teaches those who need help in far away lands.

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We are passionate about being helping hands for  the  Eastern Plumas food pantry, found in downtown Portola. For some, this is all they have. Please join us, and give graciously in love, for those in our community.

Plumas County Services

Senior Nutrition Center


Every day, a warm and loving meal is provided for any Senior in our area!  They can come by bus and eat with the friends, or if feeling under the weather, their meal is brought to them. This is their bright spot of the day, and support them with our gifts.

Community Supper


The last Wednesday of everyone month is  a Community Dinner at the local Catholic church, that is supported by many of our local business, individuals, service, and faith based organizations. Come and have a great meal and meet new friends!



Al-Anon is every Thursday evening at 5:30 at the church, and is for all friends and families of alcoholics. 

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Kids and Youth


Children  worship with the adults on Sundays, and can then either leave after the scripture reading for a loving Sunday School lesson, or stay in worship.  

Youth group meets at different times during the year, depending on the season. If God is calling you to assist with the most important ministry of our church, our kids, please call the church office! Working with kids matters!